The Importance Of Google Panda

by blogger2 on May 23, 2012

Certainly, Google’s implementation of remarkable changes has greatly affected the SEO sector. This series of profound improvements over the years has taken on experts and private users on a roller coaster ride. If you’re a devoted SEO enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Vince, May Day, Caffeine and of course, the recent star of the Google show, Panda.

Google Panda is the search algorithm innovation of Google Engineer Navneet Panda that was released in February of 2011. Also labelled as code name Farmer, Google Panda has undoubtedly changed the face of SEO business on a more holistic level. Whether it has stirred the rants or the raves of the concerned people is out of question. In a nutshell, the core focus of Panda is to devalue low quality websites, and favor high quality sites with good, reliable content and distinct speed.

Google yet again presented a new set of minor improvements which adds to the overwhelming list of algorithm improvements for the past couple of months. In January of this year, the page layout algorithm was released. Using the page algorithm fashion, Google can now punish websites devoid of meaningful content but brimming with ads. Simply put, the new page layout algorithm impacts only websites that consciously fill their pages with adverts to an excessive degree.

With these modifications, SEO firms must remain updated and obedient to changes. The abrupt launch of Google’s high quality algorithm or Panda only solidifies the necessity for preparation and action on the part of SEO analysts. Google’s surprise caught numerous websites off guard, and sent them crashing down in an instant.

Google Panda, aside from being controversial with its gush of improvements from time to time, helps the online industry to learn the most important lesson in SEO: what Google cares about is freshly updated, timely content that is meaningful to online users. The temptation of short-lived ranking results inspired by black hat tactics will do more harm than good. Any aspiring Internet business entity that doesn’t adhere to the use of quality content can never grace Google’s top spot. and Magic Webs

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