Security – Beware! These Crooked People Are Getting Pretty Good

by blogger2 on May 21, 2012

Sheila Ramos
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 Personally, I have never, ever sent out any type of advertising email of any sort out of respect for others privacy. I figure if they want to find me and my sites, they can do that on search engines and directories or from the byline on the articles I write. But I have been plagued over the years by spam and spammers because of the past advertising I’ve placed on the web. That’s a no brainer for everyone that has a presence on the web. There are quite a few ways to fight it, but oft times it seems like a loosing battle.

From outside the company, threats are extremely dangerous. From viral attacks, planting Trojans and interception of valuable data, the attacks can come from numerous sources and at anytime. With much business done over the Internet access to almost any network from anywhere can invite attackers and data thieves.

If you think that your company has nothing valuable to steal or sabotage, think again. Every company has employee’s Social Security numbers and many that deal with customers have credit cards on file.

You may think too that no one would care about breaking into your network from the outside or understand who would want to transmit a nasty virus. One thing is for sure, if the network is left open to being a target, someone will find a reason.

  Network Security Solutions

When the notion of resolute solutions to network security is contemplated it should be known that this is a fantasy that can never be fulfilled. A single solution or a final solution is never possible in any computer network.

There are too many separate security concerns to be addressed that a one-size-fits-all solution is never at hand. Internal confidentiality, external intrusions and attacks, all contribute to the dangers faced by any computer network.

So what can one do?

  • only accept checks from people you know, or from banks that are local so you can go and check on it personally
  • after depositing a check, wait til the bank does their thing and the check “clears”. Then things should be fine.
  • if you get an offer that gives you money — only if you pay them a fee, throw it out – it is a scam.
  • don’t dabble in foreign lotteries or prize schemes. In addition to costing you money it may be illegal.
  • never “wire” money to strangers
  • never be in a rush. If someone insists on you acting immediately, you need to become wary. Usually within a few days the bank transactions will be complete and you’ll know for sure if things are on the up and up or not.
  • remember if it seems to good to be true – it probably is.

If you are in doubt about something or suspicious, contact the Federal Trade Commission and they should be able to help you. These scammers are becoming really good today and you need to remain on your toes so you don’t fall victim to them You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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